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Wanted! Dead or Alive!
14/07/2011, 11:15
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Have you seen these dirty, rotten crooks? They’ve been spotted loitering around Splodge City and causing mischief. If you’ve seen them you need to speak to the new Sheriff in town, Sheriff Wilbur. For more information you’ll need to come to the Year 5-6 production on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of July.

They must be caught!

Headteacher Conference
12/07/2011, 12:03
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On Monday 11th July 2011 William, Sam (both Class 6) & Amy (Class 8) went to a headmaster conference at the GuildHall in Winchester. There we set up a table and showed some headteachers and other people a presentation about what we’ve been doing this year. At lunchtime we stuffed our faces with cake! :) 😀 😛

Edit (from Mr Addison): The conference was for headteachers from across Hampshire. The idea was to share curriculum innovation and this was done in a couple of ways. There were a number of workshops and then there was the marketplace where people could walk around and see work and ideas from schools. We had a stand in the marketplace and Sam, Will and Amy were responsible for sharing our blogs, Google Apps and other exciting ICT. They were amazing! One teacher said, “you have every right to be proud of them! Fantastic ambassadors for your school. Well done!” and the language consultant for Hampshire, Jo Rhys-Jones said, “Please pass on my thanks and respects to Sam, who is a very eloquent ICT leader :0).”

It’s a bit of a puzzle!
08/07/2011, 21:18
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As part of our mixed-up afternoons in Year 1 and 2 we have been exploring 2Do It Yourself. We started by making some jigsaw puzzles. These were meant to be as part of our topic about the beach but we soon started creating different ones to see what sort of puzzles we could come up with. We hope you enjoy them!





Spectacular science
09/06/2011, 08:48
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Today 8th June 2o11 we planted cress and french beans. We are doing lots of different experiments and here are some of them: do they need leaves to grow? How much water do they need? What temperature the water is?How much light do they need?  Thats it. If you like the sound of them please leave a comment and maybe we could put pictures of the different stages. Thank you

                                     Anon and Emma xx

St Johns on the TV
05/06/2011, 21:01
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This weekend children from St John the Baptist Primary school were on BBC Click, a technology show on BBC News 24. We were lucky enough to be involved due to our work on game design and programming. We include this in the curriculum for a number of reasons including the fact that it is great fun! It also encourages the children to solve problems and to be creative. Click wanted to see why we think it is important and to see it in action. Below you can see just our section from the report, we hope you enjoy the video!


The full video including David Braben and Ian Livingstone is available here and the news article is here.

Thanks to Simon Haughton for recording and uploading the video for us to put on our blog.