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New Website
15/08/2011, 15:26
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This Summer, as part of a clean-up we have made some changes to our website. We made changes last Summer too and moved to a new system but the changes this year are mainly cosmetic. We have tried to remove the clutter that has built-up throughout the year. For example as our blogs grew, we added a blog button. Then we made our mobile apps and added links for these too. In the clean-up we have scaled these back and moved them into sensible places. So to log-in to our blog you visit the pupil page, because the pupils are the ones who are blogging, to view the blogs you click blogs along the top. It all makes a bit more sense! (we hope)

The website address hasn’t changed and can be found here:

We still have some things still to do, such as the main logo on the front page, but we would welcome any feedback that you might have for us. Please just comment on this post or email Mr Addison (

Anyway, enjoy your Summer and we hope you’ll keep checking our blogs from September.

Healthy Eating YR 3/4
26/07/2011, 13:58
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Today Tuesday 26th of July Yr 3/4 did their healthy eating project. We had lots of yummy food we had Fruit Kebabs with Marshmallows, Pasta and Sandwiches. We helped to make cheese sandwiches ham sandwiches pasta with ham pasta with tuna and sweetcorn we made loads. it was so nice some people had seconds! Thanks to all the teachers in yr 3/4.

We loved all of the food!



Officially Gunged!
26/07/2011, 10:08
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 Even though we had to cancel Midsummer Maddness, we still wanted to go ahead with the gunging! This was how it worked: Everyone who wanted to would vote for either Mr Addison, Mrs Rhodes, Miss Tuckey and Miss Manchester. Mr Addison got the most (189) votes so he would be the one who got gunged!  There was also a chidrens raffle to see who get gunged with Mr Addison The child was Issy!  There was ANOTHER raffle draw to see who would pour the gunge over Mr Addison and Issy. Imy and Alex won.  Also, Miss Manchester came second with 111. In the gunge, there was LOTS of baked beans and a tiny bit of grass! After the gunging, Mr Addison tried to give some people a great big hug! Everyone seemed to enjoy it but Mr Addison hated it.”There where Beans in my ears!” Mr Addison said.

The School Chess Competition
26/07/2011, 09:52
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In June/July 2011 our school had a chess competition organised by Will & Sam (both Class 6). 30 people participated in the competition and everyone got a certificate*! In total there were 29 matches including 15 matches in the first round! In the end (the final) it was Edward vs George and George won (congratulations to George and commiserations to Ed)! Also, well done to Toby for coming 3rd!

*A big thanks to everyone who took part! Hope you join next year!

Year 4 Campsite: The tour…
17/07/2011, 15:01
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This weekend Year 4 had their camping trip. I’ll let them blog about it when they’ve recovered, this post is just because I wanted to show you something. I was taking pictures of the campsite and Riley asked, “Why don’t you take lots so you have a full tour of our camp”.

Then I remembered Microsoft Photosynth and I stood in the middle of the campsite, took a picture and turned a bit. I repeated this until I’d taken 360 degrees of pictures. Then using Photosynth (which is free) I put them all together to make a 360 tour of the campsite. So here it is…

To move around, use the arrows on the circle in the middle of the control bar. I hope you like it! (If there are problems, try installing Silverlight or using a Windows-based computer. I think!)

Mr Addison