D&T Day

On Wednesday, some of year 5/6 went to Swanmore to do a D&T workshop. We all had so much fun making the remote control cars. We made them from wood, plastic, a motor, wires and batteries. At the end there was a race to decide who went through to the final.

Thanks to Mrs Martin (for taking us and taking photos), Miss Cross Gower ( for organizing the trip) and the teachers that helped us make the cars at Swanmore.

We all really want to do it again!

By Henry

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Year 5/6 outdoor day!

SAM_1843 - Copy (2) SAM_1844 - Copy - Copy SAM_1845 - Copy (2) - Copy SAM_1847 SAM_1849 SAM_1850 SAM_1854 SAM_1856 SAM_1857 SAM_1859 SAM_1860 SAM_1862 SAM_1868 SAM_1869 SAM_1874 SAM_1877 SAM_1879 SAM_1884 SAM_1886 SAM_1887Today the 7/03/14 year 5/6 have had their outdoor day and here is some of our pictures from our day!


Busy trying to reproduce our own version of how fossils are made!

A super day in the sunshine.  Mrs Martin

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A banging day! : )

Today year 5/6 had a visitor come in. He talked to us about his hand drums which are a drum that looks like a pan (wok).  It was very interesting and most of us hadn’t seen one. We all had a a go/tap. It felt wired!

The man showed us some scales on his drum and played some music. He improvised instead of using sheet music.He told us to close our eyes and listen to the sounds of the drums. Everyone imagined what came to there minds with the music playing then we told each other.

He is very talented and we all thank him for coming and sharing what he can do!

By Rachel & Louie : )

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Class 9 Geography!

This week in geography we finished are bird’s eye view of our class room and we got into pairs, each pair had one net-book between them. Between them they had to map a map of their local area. Once they had finished that they had to label where they live and where there partner’s house is and if they lived near the school they put down where the school is on the map. After they finished that you had to put a picture of something and tell us what it is and what do you do their so basically we are leaning how to use map and what the symbols mean on the map.

We have Miss Picton for geography.



                                          Made By Dan and Max

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Our week in class 9!

This week in class 9 we have been doing lots of exciting things.In maths we are doing area and perimeter. In literacy we are writing our 500 word challenges that are going to be sent to BBC radio 2. In music we are doing STOMP which is music using brooms, basket balls and many more things.


by Louie and Dan

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music stomp

in music we have been looking at the music stomp and we made our own stomp music in class 9  and it was really fun and it was a very noisy time for me and the class, but it was really fun to make the music.

by Kessan Robertson :)

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Our Week in Class 9 :)

Q: where do fish get there money? (scroll drown to find the answer)



This week in literacy we have been doing explanatory text.We have been looking at the features. Explanatory text is non-fiction, it has paragraphs, cause and effect connectives, time connectives, start to end and it also have introduction and conclusion. We wrote a explanation on how to write an explanation (confusing)!

On Thursday Mrs Picton  In Geography we have been looking at mapping skills and going in partners and looked at the signs on the the map. We found out what they all meant and wrote them on a sheet, a bit like a quiz.

A: At the river bank!

By Rachel and Georgia

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This week in class 9

In class 9 this week we studied flashbacks in literacy They were so sad. We also did an assembly performance called the Prodigal  Son. In maths we learnt about lines of symmetry and coordinates it was really tricky. In PE,  we are learning athletics and outside we’ve learnt hockey using hard wooden sticks,blue, yellow and black small, medium or large.

In art we have been sketching pears and eating that the same time. Emily and Kessan nibbled every bit! In geography we created a map of our local area using the net books with Miss Picton .

This is everything we have done this week.

By Claudia and Hayley

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First week back!

This week has been a great week! We have been doing lots of fun stuff!

On Monday we started maths in our groups. In Mrs Martin and Miss Cross-Gower’s group, we were learning about ordering decimal numbers and percentages.In Mrs Hobley’s maths group we have been  looking at percentages and we have been adding, subtracting and multiplying them.

In Art we have been doing sketching and we have been drawing things from a birds eyes view. We used 4 different pencils to create some fantastic drawings.

Overall this week has been great!

By Georgia and Rose  also with a LOT of help from Libby and Rachel!!

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science #with crisps : )

This week in science we have been doing an experiment with crisps. We were trying to find out what type of crisp out of 3 had the most salt in.  The 3 types of crisps were baked, deep ridged & salt and shake.

On every type of crisp we would do 3 different experiments. The 3 which experiments our  group did was : look on the back of the packet (which worked), count the grains of salt with a magnifying glass (which didn’t work) & wash the crisp with water,filter it and then let it evaporate for a few days.

It turns out that deep ridged is the saltiest according to our results. It was a great experiment and we had lots of fun!

By Rachel

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