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“Hacking” CBBC


Today we went and explored the pond in school. We found newts, tadpoles and many other wonderful creatures. We took loads of photos and then, this afternoon we used Hackasaurus to “hack” the Newsround website. We uploaded our own images and wrote our own text. We had a few technical issues with the internet freezing but we think we did VERY well for an hour’s work!

What do you think? Whose is your favourite?

These were all done independently, so there are spelling mistakes. Next time, we’ll try to make them even better!

Mr Addison has a video about Hackasaurus here: http://www.undertenminutes.com/?p=383


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6 Comments zu ““Hacking” CBBC”

  1. Mrs Badge
    14.05.13 6:27 pm        Reply

    Wow, what great news reports! I can see that you have all thought about making eye-catching headlines to draw the reader in. Well done, these look very professional.
    Mrs Badge
    Year 4 Teacher, Leicestershire.

  2. Philip anderson
    14.05.13 6:58 pm        Reply

    I am a teacher and I LOVE your blog and especially the hackasaurus stuff I have just read. It is hard to pick out anyone that i think is the best, but I certainly like Finlay’s one. The fact that so many of the girls said their newts might only eat or bite men has got me a bit nervy though!

    good luck with your blogs in the future.

    I am thinking of starting one with one of my classes. Would you like to send them some advice if i was to ask for it?

    • Mr Addison
      15.05.13 11:11 am        Reply

      Of course we can help and send advice. If you have any questions, just ask!

  3. John
    18.05.13 4:27 am        Reply

    Those are fantastic pictures you have all worked very hard, thank-you.

    Mr G.

  4. Jo Mason
    14.06.13 5:48 pm        Reply

    Well done everyone – the reports were interesting and entertaining to read and very similar to the Newsround reports.

  5. Henry
    21.06.13 10:30 am        Reply

    I really like Alex B’s news round sight because it has good description.



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