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Jonathan’s jungle roadshow is coming to St John’s


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Bridges and testing


Have you ever considered the strength of newspaper?
We tried to make strong bridges using facts we learnt about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his designs.
Let us know what you think of our DT work
Bridge work on PhotoPeach

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Bug Hotels


Today we have been building mini beast hotels in our school grounds… we have considered where to place them so they wouldn’t get trodden on and damaged!
We thought carefully about where they might sleep, eat and meet their friends.

Mini beast Hotels on PhotoPeach

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Outdoor Day


What a lot of fun we’ve had this morning… using our amazing school grounds we have been den building.
We were given 5 pegs, one blanket and 2 sticks to start us off BUT we had to ‘pay’ for extra things with DENBLES.

What, you’ve never heard of denbles? well if you have ever played dominoes then you have had some denbles. Each denble is worth the value of the spots on a domino.
The value of items to buy ranges from 1 denble for 2 pegs up to buying a building plot for 16-18 denbles.

There were some dens that needed a lot of work and some that just worked well as we co-operated with one another.

Den Building day on PhotoPeach

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DT Bridges


What a great way to spend some time on a Friday afternoon… we used construction to explore bridge building in our DT lesson.
We looked at bridges with columns and key-stones then we had a little bit of time to make our own.
In our wet play box we had some vehicles and used these to test the effectiveness of our bridge designs.
Building Bridges on PhotoPeach

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Creative Thinking Skills!


Thinking Skills

Solve the problem

There is lots of litter on our playground…
but you are given 2 elastic bands, a packet
of mints and a piece of chalk.
How will you solve the litter problem?

We have come up with some great ideas…
Edward and Pippa said they would use the chalk to draw a circle and put any litter in it. Then they would ping the elastic bands at people who are dropping litter. They said they would share the mints with anyone who didn’t litter!

Sam, Lauren and Darcie said they would attach the elastic bands to the bag of mints to make it larger, then the chalk would be used to hold the bag open larger. The rubbish would be collected in the larger bag.

Davy, Zoe and Eleanor said they would collect up the rubbish bottles then put rubbish inside them. Then the bottles would be put inside a large bag of mints; the mints would have been eaten. They would circle any litter on the playground to identify it and count up how many times litter had been dropped.

Brandon, Mia, Ruby said they would use the mints to encourage people to pick up 10 pieces of litter for a mint!They would use the elastic bands to tie the rubbish up together. The chalk would be used to draw a map and circle where they had already checked for rubbish.

Charlie, Soli and Olivia said they would they eat all the mints but leave one! The chalk could be making the rubbish. The litter could be put in the mint bag, use the elastic bands to fasten it together then the last mint could be used as an air-freshener near the rubbish bag!

Daisy, Joe and Jessica have thought of an idea… use the chalk to draw a circle to place the rubbish in it. Take the elastic band and fasten the rubbish together. Eat the mints and be hyper!! Then put all the rubbish in the bin!

Mabel, Jack and Archie said they would use the mints to make the letters for a sign to say ‘Stop littering’ then they would use the chalk to name and shame then the elastic bands would be flicked at anyone who was caught littering!

Oscar, Josh and Anna would like to get the mints out of the pack and put them in a bottle then put the chalk over the top of the bottle. Then they would put the elastic bands round any rubbish and put it in the bin!

What creative thinkers we are!

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Balancing PE


We LOVE getting the apparatus out and today was a great day!
We have been thinking about balancing, holding a pose, travelling, linking shapes and how to teach a sequence to a buddy.
We hope you enjoy our photos and will leave us a comment!
Balancing PE on PhotoPeach

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Keyboard Wonder!


We were so lucky in class 8 today as Mrs Crampin came to visit us and show us how to play on the keyboards.
We got time to explore rhythm and clapping patterns before we started… then the keyboards were switched on!
We explored what the buttons could do and found out how to change the sounds – we used voice, strings and drums .
By the end of the lesson we could play on the two black keys and played a tune together!
We were fab!!
Keyboards in class 8 on PhotoPeach

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Art Day from the UK


Today we had an art day and we have bean thinking about an artist called Barry Maguire from Ireland. He is famous for painting pictures of fields that look like quilts.

Faythe says she thinks it was fun doing the painting.

Reggie said he thought it was good because he loves art and is very good at it.

Mia enjoyed painting the picture she drew and she drew a cape… it looks really good.

Lauren enjoyed using pastels to create effects on her artwork.

Zoe used collage materials on her picture; she says it was fun.

To enhance our artwork we added some details with glitter; Charlie and Jack dribbled the glue before adding the glitter and were very pleased with the results.

class 8 hope you like our video and why not check out some of Barry Maguire’s artwork for your self in the internet?

by Lois F, Olivia Y and Anna W
Barry Maguire Insipired Artwork on PhotoPeach

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Easter Challenge


Today we had a challenge in class 8… we had to make a home for a little fluffy Easter chick.
Mrs Walker said we could only have one piece of card to make it but we could design it however we wanted to.
We could ‘magpie’ ideas from others but there must be a door and a window for the chick to be able to use!
Some of us really rose to this challenge and even designed gardens and play equipment to keep our chicks happy and healthy.
We hope you like our photographs and you could leave us a message to share what you think of our ideas.

Easter homes on PhotoPeach

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