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Our colourful celery experiment!


In Science this week we have been learning about plants.  We have learned that the two functions of the stem are:

1. Support – to keep the plant upright.  This is important so that insects can see the flower and so that the plant can reach the sunlight.  It can also stop slugs eating the flowers!

2. Transport – to carry the water and nutrients that the roots have sucked up and take it to the leaves and the flower.

We decided to investigate transport in the stem.

We got given some sticks of celery and we looked at them! Then we took a beaker and poured in some coloured ink and/or food colouring and added a little bit of water.  Next, we trimmed the ends of our celery sticks and placed them in the beakers.  We hoped that the celery would transport the coloured water up the stem.

What happened?  We found that the celery sticks with leaves transported the coloured water quicker, we knew this because the leaves turned red first!  However, we have also found out that while we could see the red ink did travel up the stem, the blue colouring and ink did not seem to travel up the stem because the stem did not turn blue.

The next morning we cut the stems in half and found out that the blue had travelled up the stem, but we think that it just didn’t stand out against the green of the celery.

If you decide to have a go please be careful because we spilt a red pot and a yellow pot and made a lot of mess and stained our tables, the carpet, our work and our clothes!

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  1. David West
    12.05.11 1:17 pm        Reply

    Sounds like a great experiment. I bet you enjoyed it.

    Could you test whether how warm it is makes a difference to how quickly the stem transports the water?


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