Year 4 Campsite: The tour…

This weekend Year 4 had their camping trip. I’ll let them blog about it when they’ve recovered, this post is just because¬†I wanted to show you something. I was taking pictures of the campsite and Riley asked, “Why don’t you take lots so you have a full tour of our camp”.

Then I remembered Microsoft Photosynth and I stood in the middle of the campsite, took a picture and turned a bit. I repeated this until I’d taken 360 degrees of pictures. Then using Photosynth (which is free) I put them all together to make a 360 tour of the campsite. So here it is…

To move around, use the arrows on the circle in the middle of the control bar. I hope you like it! (If there are problems, try installing Silverlight or using a Windows-based computer. I think!)

Mr Addison

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