Officially Gunged!

 Even though we had to cancel Midsummer Maddness, we still wanted to go ahead with the gunging! This was how it worked: Everyone who wanted to would vote for either Mr Addison, Mrs Rhodes, Miss Tuckey and Miss Manchester. Mr Addison got the most (189) votes so he would be the one who got gunged!  There was also a chidrens raffle to see who get gunged with Mr Addison The child was Issy!  There was ANOTHER raffle draw to see who would pour the gunge over Mr Addison and Issy. Imy and Alex won.  Also, Miss Manchester came second with 111. In the gunge, there was LOTS of baked beans and a tiny bit of grass! After the gunging, Mr Addison tried to give some people a great big hug! Everyone seemed to enjoy it but Mr Addison hated it.”There where Beans in my ears!” Mr Addison said.

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