New Website

This Summer, as part of a clean-up we have made some changes to our website. We made changes last Summer too and moved to a new system but the changes this year are mainly cosmetic. We have tried to remove the clutter that has built-up throughout the year. For example as our blogs grew, we added a blog button. Then we made our mobile apps and added links for these too. In the clean-up we have scaled these back and moved them into sensible places. So to log-in to our blog you visit the pupil page, because the pupils are the ones who are blogging, to view the blogs you click blogs along the top. It all makes a bit more sense! (we hope)

The website address hasn’t changed and can be found here:

We still have some things still to do, such as the main logo on the front page, but we would welcome any feedback that you might have for us. Please just comment on this post or email Mr Addison (

Anyway, enjoy your Summer and we hope you’ll keep checking our blogs from September.

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