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class10 titanic trip
01/12/2015, 13:40
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in class10 they have had a amazing trip to the titanic museum there was lots of interesting facts like the Titanic’s 4th funnel was fake they only put it there to make it look nice and for storing the deck chairs. there was also fun and games there like Morse code which was a code that they use as words and letters on the titanic to send out warning signals. There was also a good game called steering the ship this was very fun. the last game is probably my favourite game its where you through coal into a furnace but you hade to be very careful because you don’t want it to over heat or under heat. we had a tour around the museum my favourite was the grant stair case

16/09/2011, 13:03
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We have been learning about nature.

by Penny

16/09/2011, 13:03
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we have  been lurning abat matht. we have been ow and a bat.we have been make moster.


The Two Monsters
16/09/2011, 12:56
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I have been macing a monster!


Class 7’s first week!
09/09/2011, 13:27
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Class 7 feel really lucky this year because we have two new classmates! Joseph has joined us all the way from Canada and Louie has come from Liverpool.

This week we have started our topic on Romans and we have enjoyed looking on the computers to find out about Roman mosaics. We are hoping to make some mosaics of our own and hope to share these with you soon. We are also learning a Roman song which we hope to film and upload so you can watch it.

Also look out for our 100 word challenge blogs which we are hoping to share with you.