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Red Nose Day Competition
16/03/2015, 14:57
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Here are our entries for our “design a red nose” competition for Red Nose Day 2015!

red nose competition on PhotoPeach



Red Nose competition on PhotoPeach



Red Nose competition on PhotoPeach



Red Nose day competition on PhotoPeach

World War 1 Remembrance
16/07/2014, 14:29
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Last week all the children had the opportunity to learn about the Great War.

Year 5/6 researched the events leading up to the break of war and then used the information to reproduce newspapers of the time.

DSC_1277                    DSC_1278

Year 3/4 discovered that there is a statue of an unknown soldier on Paddington station. The soldier is depicted holding a letter, so as part of literacy, the children wrote to the soldier. Some imagined that they were living during the war and that the man was  a relative. Others wrote as from today, thanking him for his sacrifice. The teachers were impressed with the thoughtfulness and understanding the children showed.

MX-3110N_20140716_133513_001                                 MX-3110N_20140716_134030_001

Year 1/2 learned about the role of animals during the war. They heard the story of a pigeon who although shot and blinded, still managed to deliver a message that saved hundreds of lives! The thought of elephants from zoos helping with the ploughing really caught their imagination.

_71832727_2664098_getty_elephants pigeon relesing

Across the school we have had great displays and some children bought in objects and photos that linked their families with the wars. This made everything more real and encouraged lots of questions.

DSC_1280 DSC_1281 DSC_1275         DSC_1279 DSC_1282

To end the week the assembly time was used to share what the different year groups  had been doing and then the whole school moved down to the field for a special ceremony. With the funds that had been raised, the school had purchased an oak tree which was dedicated, in a short service , by the Reverend Juliet. The children behaved impeccably during the moments silence, after the playing of the Last Post by Mrs Charters. It was very moving.

Mrs Tunnicliffe had mentioned the tree to her employers and in  a wonderful gesture The Co-Operative Funeral Services donated a cheque for £150, enabling us to buy a good sized tree and donate our money to the British Legion.


World War 1 Remembrance

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Day 4 Durlston Country Park and Corfe Castle
05/06/2014, 21:34
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Wow! What a glorious day, sunshine all day!

After a drive through Swanage we arrived at Durlsden. The rangers talked to us all about Purbeck Limestone and how the cliffs and bays had been formed millions of years ago. Did you know that we were once joined to the Isle of Wight by a ridge of chalk that eroded away?  We uncovered fossils and saw dinosaur footprints and fossilized turtle shell.

Lunch was a picnic in the sunshine! It’s a hard life!

In the afternoon, we trekked up to Corfe Castle and worked out how a raid on the well defended castle was successful, ask the children!

Sketching the castle was followed by rolling and jumping down the the grassy ridge.

After a yummy dinner of bangers and mash, we walked down to the beach and had a sand sculpturing competition followed by beach games.  Emptying out all the sand we returned to the hotel for the certificate presentation, when we celebrate the brilliant ( and daft) things the children have done this week.

Home tomorrow, we will be sorry to leave! What a week!

Durlston Bournemouth on PhotoPeach

Corfe Castle Bournemouth Day 4 on PhotoPeach

Day 3 at Bournemouth – Monkey world and Disco
04/06/2014, 20:46
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What an amazing day and we can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather!!

This morning when we woke up the weather was not looking too great but that wasn’t going to get us down as we were going to Monkey World.

When we arrived there was lots of ‘oooos’ and ‘arrrrrrrs’ from everyone. They were in awe of all the wonderful primates that had been rescued. We saw chimpanzees, orangutans, gibbons and wooly monkeys. We learnt that we shouldn’t bang on the glass or interact with the primates as it was important to encourage them to be as natural as possible. It was very interesting to watch them and some of us could have stood there for ages watching them swing from branch to branch and balancing on thin pieces of rope. After wondering through monkey world we found the amazing play area, it was massive and we felt like monkeys ourselves. We had a very interesting talk with one of the staff members and we learnt a lot about the primates and how some of them had been rescued. We now realise the difference between primates, apes and monkeys.

Even though we had a very busy day we still had enough energy to show our moves at the disco. There was some brilliant robotic dancing, free styling and some fabulous singing.

I definitely think we are all going to sleep well tonight, especially as we have got a busy day tomorrow.

Time flies when your having fun!

Bournemouth Day 3 on PhotoPeach


Disco Rooms Bournemouth on PhotoPeach

Bournemouth Disco on PhotoPeach

Day 2 Tuesday Brownsea Island and The Oceanarium
03/06/2014, 20:16
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We have been so lucky with the weather, dry all day and now sunny! Not so sure about tomorrow though!

The day has been great, so far.

Within 20 minutes of landing on Brownsea Island we all saw a red squirrel and then more- I didn’t see 1 last year! We then had a nature walk looking at habitats and were treated to an impressive display by some resident peacocks!

The boat journey back took us on a tour around the island before we arrived back at Poole Quay.

We spent the afternoon at the Oceanarium and had very informative guides showing us all the different underwater habitats from around the world.  The children were impressed by the shark feeding and the piranhas, which apparently shake off glitter when feeding to confuse other piranhas to stop them eating each other! Amazing!

The highlights were the turtles (2 new baby loggerheads who had arrived as part of a conservation project) and the otters which are surprisingly intelligent, needing constant enrichment to stop them getting up to mischief.

Ice creams followed.

Bowling tonight after dinner- who is going to be top scorer (not me!)

Bournemouth Day 2 on PhotoPeach


Bowling Day 2 on PhotoPeach